How to return to gym post lockdown

As many sports facilities are finally re-opened many people abandoned home workouts and rushed back to the gyms

Here are some useful tips for returning back on track post lock-down

1. Remember that we are literally living through a global pandemic right now! So give yourself a break and don’t be so harsh on yourself if you struggled with training through lockdown! It is also very important to start exercises slowly, keeping in mind that the possibility of injury is very high

2 Set realistic expectations on yourself. Keep in mind that it is better to be consistent with realistic goals rather than setting crazy expectationa and putting yourself down

3 Set your priorities to hit the base exercises. Especially If you took some time off, you need to focus on setting a solid foundation instead of increasing your intensity or training frequency

4 In terms of loading and weight try to act from a side of caution. Monitor your feelings and recovery after the first sessions, be patient and begin to load up when you are ready

5. If you still feel sore the next day after the training session, simply take a day off to prevent any possible injury.

6 Do not forget you warm up routine, you can choose among differnt options, but do not skip it. Many times, you can warm-up and end up feeling much better and ready for a new challenges

As we all now building muscles is time-consiming process, try to enjoy it and be consistent with your efforts

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