Fitness challenges you don’t wanna miss

You know that you need to do sport exercises, but it sounds so boring….. Or may be you simply lack motivation to to start… We had tried several super-easy and fun fitness challenges from our favourite trainers and here is the top of them

1. Cardio challenge from Krissy Cela

A combination of jogging, running and walking can be so needed addition to your training program.
It actually can substitute 1 hour of usual cardio and definitely worth trying

See description in Krissy’s instagram account


2. The sexy challenge from the Glute Guy Bret Contreras

Here are the main for The Sexy Challenge:
- All five exercises must be performed in under one hour.
- Loads for the barbell exercises will be your bodyweight rounded(the one exception is with the incline press – women will use 50% bodyweight loads).
- Start doing exercises and count your rep max then sum up the numbers – that your score

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